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cN = E T

At CN we believe in Ethics and Tech.

Here are some of the amazing services we provide for our clients.


Data Science

Insight driven businesses are likely to get average of 20% or more revenue above market growth. 

From Basic RPA tools to state-of-the-art computer vision techniques,  building custom deep learning data pipeline to cloud integration, we got you covered.

CN can deliver ASR, TTS, Language Models, Generative AI, Chatbots, Classifiers and Much more. We believe in open source and value added solutions, speak to our team.

Descriptive and diagnostic analytics are important but, Predictive, Prescriptive and Cognitive analytics are need of the time for competitive advantage. We can design it.

A good data science solution needs continuous improvement in data, model, deployment, validation, schema and what not. We can take care of the entire CI.

All Our submission contains delivery steps, design architecture, source code, Reporting tools, metrics, api, visual analytics, supportive documents. 

Data engineer

Data Engineering

A Good data science solution needs right data at the right time, at the right place and At right quantity.

CN takes an iterative approach to identify client’s data dependency, current status, data gap and importantly scope. CN help clients unfold neglected decision pipelines!

We do data capture, data processing, data storage, data analysis, insights and up-gradation as part of OBOD policy. Efficient data pipeline for every business. 

Data Infrastructure need for small, medium and large organisations are eminently different. From cloud to hybrid, we install which is best for business requirements.

Converging manifold organisational data to single point of decision, requires lot of expertise. Raw Data to substantial Impact, we can setup each unit precisely. Try us!

Our AI integrated hybrid  system can monitor existing data and decision pipelines with no downtime. We take care of nasty part, so that you can concentrate on growth.

web 2.0

Web Application

Web 2.0 is the de-facto SaaS design for modern companies. A common data source and gateway to UI.

Generating an impactful web application starts with good user interaction. From UX, UI design to apply modern tools like React JS and Vue, we can deliver it !

A beautiful UI needs fast, robust, highly available, secured backend. Our team has delivered Java, PHP, JS and Python backends for large applications.

Not all applications need to reinvent the entire development cycle for small business requirements. We can design and integrate stand alone APIs for instant demands.

Microservices, CI CD, containerization, orchestration, Scalability has become the industry norm for most development cycle.  We can take care of your entire DevOps.

Designs that don’t create market impact lacks right user research or good product managers! Our team conducts extensive research so that you save time and cost.



CN offers consulting services to match your tech and demand gaps at no time, AT low cost.

Why to hire when you can outsource! Outsourcing is the new normal to avoid unnecessary cost and overheads. We can provide skilled resources as per your need.

67% of the tech and domain requirements don’t need permanent hire! Our expert consultants can be hired for a few days or for few hours! Connect Now to know more.

Most of the incomplete SaaS projects lack design philosophy like Agile. We provide project management services to bring your ideas to reality. Hire the PM from CN.

Clients sometimes don’t know where they need help or where value can be added. Such clients can benefit from our industry leading PI services. Call Us to know more!

Product design needs communication and documentation across team that includes POs and PMs. CN can help you in planning, design, validation and testing.