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we make companies future ready by integrating cutting edge data engineering and AI tools.

Data Science

Data is Embedded to Each Decision, Process and Interactions. Data Driven Companies are Generating 20% More Revenue - McKinsey

Data consumption

Employees Leverage Data for Successful Decision Making

Solving business problems in multi-functional organizations can put employees under lots of stress. They naturally and regularly leverage data at work. Data availability at Scale as Needed at Speed can accelerate employees’ output. A highly available data pipeline can level productivity and save days, even months. 

CodeNeutral’s one business, one data policy can help generate an integrated data roadmap for your organization. You get the data when you need it, how you need it. 

One Business One Data

IaaS Requirements Can Vary from Business to Business. Cloud is not the Ultimate Solution for Every Data Challenge! Admit it, it is Expensive. We at CodeNeutral, Scrutinise Clients’ Business and Data Requirements for Custom Solutions, Solutions that add Value, not Bills. Be it Cloud, Be it On-Prem, or Hybrid Data Pipelines, We Prioritise Efficiency and Value over Noise and Hypes.

Data Pipelines

How We Do It?

Neutral Funnel is a 6 Step Iterative Process Developed by CodeNeutral. Neutral Funnel Optimise the Time and Cost of Product Development for High Impact and High Value.

Our Mission

Robust Tech & Digital Identity

Technology is the catalyst for successful business. Companies in 21st century leverage tech for global outreach and customer engagement. As exciting it sounds, identification of tech gap and blended process can be cumbersome and expensive.

Codeneutral follows three fundamental strategies for business intelligence and tech ingestion.  

Trust & Value codeneutral
data powerhouse

Why Choose Us


We don't do hundred things, We know our expertise and our work proves it.


We value our clients. We strive for long term partnership and mutual growth.


Our solutions are comprehensive and robust. Refer neutral funnel to know how we work.


We are fascinated by technology. We invest in continuous R&D to deliver the best solutions.


Our core team have 10+ years of experience in their respective field. We can deliver!


Codeneutral is more than just cost. Our true value rests on trust and reliability.


What Our Clients Say

We delivered each and every time our clients believed in us. Here are a few happy customers who have trust in Codeneutral.

CodeNeutral has an amazing work culture and spirit that impressed us. Their professionalism at each stage of project delivery was defined and commendable, our work got delivered at right time at right budget. They took our data aspirations to reality, Highly recommending these guys for AI and Data Science work.
Michelle P.
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John J.
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Smith T.