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We are a group of young IT professionals with over decades of experience in technologies like Software Engineering, AI, Data Science, DevOps, Data Engineering, Cloud, QA, Web Applications, APIs, Project Management etc. We believe in prompt delivery and ultimate quality. Our priority is not to push tech, we though depend heavily on leveraging tech to solve business challenges. Our priorities are towards customer experience, business growth and global impact.

We love to solve problems! We call ourselves dreamers more than innovators. We aspire a world where great ideas from every corner of the world is realised and appreciated. 

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Co-Founder, Chief Data Scientist

Ranjan is the Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist at Codeneutral with more than nine years of experience in AI and large-scale data modeling. An astrophile by nature, Ranjan is a passionate data advocate. Ranjan is helping organizations realize the potential of big data and advanced analytics. Ranjan also helps individuals enhance data literacy skills. He loves to solve critical data challenges for business growth and data-driven decision-making. His core research area includes NLP, automation pipeline design, predictive analytics, and decision automation.


Co-Founder, Cloud & DevOps Architect

Nagaraj is the co-founder and lead cloud operations and DevOps specialist at Codeneutral. He has extensive experience in building infrastructure platforms and framework to create consistent, verifiable and automatic management of application. He has more than a decade experience in leading IT infrastructure and operations teams to manage the development and implementation of cloud based IT services and support models that resonates with customers. He is passionate about learning new technology and creating suitable devops channel for AI projects.  He is quick to identify setbacks and get shortcoming and work on it. He enjoys coaching individuals and mentoring who aspire to learn.


Co-Founder, CFO

Amit is the Co-founder and CFO at CN. A Techie by heart, CA by profession and above all a passionate entrepreneur. He has over 19 years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship. He was the founder of Boxight, India’s first Google Cardboard provider, Fin-school and MonkTraders, a fintech company that provides AI tools and data for large & retail investors. The company is the first in the world to offer linear data points for various analysis tools. Amit embraces challenges and is strong in process design and its implementation, ensuring that company’s needs are met with efficient and effective solutions.


Our Existence in a Nutshell

Technology is an important catalyst for growth. Companies in 21st century leverage tech for global outreach and customer engagement. As exciting it sounds, identification of tech gap and synchronizing process is cumbersome and expensive, especially when technology is ever changing. One can understand the importance of tech by noticing growth patterns in tech giants like Yahoo, Nokia and Facebook. They yet to pivot! Companies struggle since they can not prove their relevancy against state-of-the-art tech and immense value it provides to customers.

The problem is epic, and for certain the solution is not straightforward. The prime focus is not to run behind technology or labelled as an AI or tech company. The goal is to reach potential customers at global scale where our product can add value and in return generate revenue. The solution is the product. The product clients offer as a business, and CN believe every business understands their ground. We play a vital role in your product journey to make the product reach to global customer with the help of modern tech and open source tools to reduce the cash burn. We also do necessary changes at departmental level for swift transition from intuition based decision making to data driven decision making. We help you to grow with the help of tech not by selling tech!